Are Kilts Irish Or Scottish?

Kilts Irish Or Scottish

Are Kilts Irish Or Scottish

Kilts are one of the premium dresses which not only worn by people of Scottish, Irish and other nations but also people of other countries. Kilts are one of the most fashionable garments in this century. Well we all know, it was the traditional or ancient fashion which mainly worn by the people of Scotland. Now, there is no concept of traditional clothing. In today’s life, there are more inventions in this traditional clothing.

There are more designs and varieties in kilt clothing as compared to other types of garments. The kilts were first worn in Scotland in the 16th century but only military and army wear kilts. After that, there is a great evolution in kilt clothing, not only the small kilt available for the Scottish people but also Irish people who accept this traditional clothing.

The kilts mainly are the Scottish tradition but Irish people had done great work in the kilt clothing. As you know the Irish flag has the main green color that is why the people of Ireland also love to wear garments in green color. They love to wear green pants, kilts, coats, jackets, hats, gloves, shoes, ties, belts and shirts. There is a special Saint Patrick’s day where every people not only in Ireland but in other countries such as the USA, Germany wears green garments. The kilts in Ireland most have green tartans which only attractive but also symbolize the Irish tradition.

Scottish Kilt

The Scottish kilt is made in different materials and designs. The term Scottish kilt not only represent a tartan kilt but also it involves every type of a kilt which mainly includes hybrid utility kilts, utility kilts, canvas kilts, firefighter kilts, leather kilts, Camouflage kilts, denim kilts, police kilts, and other different design kilts. The Scottish tartan kilts include more than 100 beautiful tartan colors which are more than any country’s traditional tartan colors. Each color is different from another color and every Scottish tartan color its own clan history. The Scottish kilts are the most wearable garment, not only in Scotland but also in every European country of the world. A large number of People in Ireland also loves to wear Scottish kilts.

Irish Kilt

The Irish tartan kilts mainly available in green, blue, and Saffron colors. These are the prime colors of the Irish tartans which are the symbolic and national colors. Many Irish kilts are available in these colors but it doesn’t mean that Ireland only wears tartans, not modern kilts. There is also great work in the field of kilt by the Irish people. Here, the people in Ireland also love to wear modern dresses and these dresses are the fashion in this country. There is a holiday in Ireland on Saint Patrick’s day but people of other countries also celebrate this day.


The kilts are now a modern fashion which is not limited to Scotland and Ireland. People of these countries love this traditional culture. By reading this article you can able to understand the answer to this question “Are Kilts Irish Or Scottish”


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