How To Fold A Kilt

Great Kilt

Great Kilt

A Great kilt is a traditional Scottish cultural dress in which a full woolen plaid cloth is used. In the past, there was a woolen tartan cloth which is similar to the great kilt. The style of wearing a great kilt is the same as was in the 16th century. If you want to make a great kilt for yourself or for a customer, then you must know some vital information. The great kilt was worn by military men and poor people but now it is a fashion and many people love to wear great kilts.

The great kilt was also worn by Irish people at that time but with the passage of time, small kilts were invented in the 18th century. After that there is a great effort in the kilt field, there are modern design kilts, utility kilts, and other special kilts available in the market.

How Many Yards In A Great Kilt?

At that time, there was the 9-yard fabric used for making the Great kilt. There was no concept of smaller or lighter kilts as we can see in this era. The great kilts were also heavier than the great kilt made today. Now the great kilt is made in 3 to 8 yards tartan cloth. Some modern men love to wear the great kilt in 4-6 yards tartan, but it depends on your choice. If the great kilt is made with 3 to the 6-yard tartan then the total fabric is around 54 to 60 inches wide.

How to Wear a Great Kilt?

Wearing a great kilt is not rocket science, it is very easy but for a newbie, he must understand how to properly wear a great kilt. From beginning to the folding of a great kilt, we divided into three main parts.

  • Putting On Great Kilt
  • Wearing A Great Kilt
  • Folding A Great Kilt

Putting on Great Kilt

Follow all steps under this part to understand what is putting on a great kilt.

  1. Put the Belt
  2. Lay Down on the Edge of the bed
  3. Leaves the Belt
  4. Lay the fabric
  5. Hem edge must be along the bed

Wearing the Great Kilt

Below are the vital steps you must know in order to wear a Great kilt

  1. Pleat the fabric
  2. Lay down at the edge with a knee on the fabric
  3. Spread under and over the apron to cover the kilt
  4. Fasten the belt
  5. Stand up
  6. The other part of the kilt must be the put on the right shoulder

How to Fold a Kilt?

After wearing a Great kilt, you must have the knowledge of how to fold a kilt properly. You must lay off the canvas cover and take the upper and under the apron. Fold the pleated part and remove the wrinkles on the tartan Great kilt. Now fold the cover over the kilt and tie it tightly.  You can easily keep the great kilt in a bag.

Now you can understand the great kilt and how to wear and fold the great kilt. Share this article with your friends and on different social media platforms.

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