Traditional Style Kilts
These are traditional men’s tartan kilts in which there is no pockets, belt loops and other utility things. These traditional kilts did not have buttons and studs. The traditional tartan kilts are simple and plain kilts. These traditional tartan kilts are fastening with straps and buckles. We have used leather straps and metal buckles. Traditional tartan kilts are the Cultural heritage kilts that are loved by traditional lovers. These tartan kilts mostly are worn at wedding ceremonies but some people wear casually.

For a complete wedding dress, a sporran is attached to the front apron. A knife, socks, and flashes also wear with the prince charlie jacket. All these accessories make a complete Scottish wedding dress. You can wear any type of Sporran with the traditional tartan kilt. It is up to your choice.
Customized Tartan Kilts
We make customized tartan kilts at our kiltsshop. Our tartan kilt is made according to the standard. We have all the options available to our customers. You can choose any customization option according to your requirement. We never demand extra charges for customization of work. If you have any confusion, feel free to ask
Best Price
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Secure Shipment
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