Scam of Popular Online Stores

If we talk about utility kilts Amazon, then there are also too many scams in this regard. You may know there are some of the popular eCommerce stores on the internet such as Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, Dhl Gate, Etsy, Bonanza, etc. These eCommerce stores enjoy monopoly before 2010 because that time there was no or little concept of eCommerce.

There were many complaints at that time regarding lousy quality products, products not according to the description, stitching and design issue. After 2010, there is a big revolution in the eCommerce field.

There are many stores established to serve, the services to the end customers at a lower price and good quality. Let us explain the Scam of popular online stores. read About: Cheap utility kilts


Amazon is the number one eCommerce store which provides facility to every vendor to list their products. The Amazon company charges a commission for listing and selling of products.

This company did not have a concern with the quality and price. Amazon always prefers those sellers who set higher rates because, in this way, Amazon gets more profit. There is no check and balance if a buyer receives scammed or fraud in the purchase of products. Many times,

The buyer receives a different product from what is mentioned in the description. The support staff of the Amazon is also not cooperative and unprofessional because they only concern about the commission. If the team favours the scam case against the seller, then Amazon has to return the commission, that is why there always reject the buyer resolution case.

The kilt lovers, most of the times, get a different product which sees on the Amazon site. Quality is also a problem in utility kilt amazon. The customer receives the lousy quality and wrong stitched product. These are the common scams which Amazon did not take any severe action.


eBay is also the second-largest marketplace for buying and selling various products. There are many beautiful kilts you can see on the listing of different sellers. The buyers, most of the time, Scam from the bad quality products.

The eBay staff, although professional, but they always favour the scam case in favour of the seller. eBay also works with a commission system, but this company also earns money in different ways. This marketplace is best for those sellers who want to make lots of money through Scam.

Ali Express

It is the most popular Scam company on the internet. Many buyers from India, Australia, South Africa and the USA get different description product from the Ali Express.

More than 90% of the customer did not receive the goods from the Ali Express because of unprofessional delivery services. There are also many cases in which the customer has to wait for months or even years to get the desired product from this website.


There are also some other popular stores such as Etsy, Bonanza, DHL gate etc. who also have similar scam stories. All these are commission-based companies, that is why they cannot care about the hard money of the customers. So beware of these scam marketplaces.

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