Scottish wedding and your wedding kilt:

Whether you’re going to a traditional Scottish wedding or wearing a kilt to your best friend’s destination wedding, there is a dress-code etiquette that guys should follow. Just like any other wedding, you know it’s predominantly a family occasion so wearing a wedding kilts shouldn’t be taken too lightly. You must consider where the couple is from, who will be there, and what pieces are appropriate for the event.
Most of all, it’s a momentous occasion so go ahead and have some fun in your kilt. Remember to laugh every moment, dance a whole lot, down some champagne, but please don’t jump for joy. Here are some more general kilt wedding attire rules to follow so you won’t look like a first-timer in your mens kilts for wedding.

Do your research before wearing a kilt wedding outfit:

Although utility kilts are becoming extremely trendy, they’re very different from kilt. It might be OK to wear a formal utility kilt to a wedding. Even so, it’s important to remember that traditional Scottish wedding kilts and Irish wedding kilts should be treated with respect because they hearken from a culture with a long history. With that said, know your wedding party before showing up in traditional kilt dress.
It really comes down to your motivation behind wearing a wedding kilts. Are you or your partner Irish or Scottish? Is the wedding taking place in Ireland or Scotland? It’s kind of like showing up to a non-Indian wedding in a sherwani or a non-Korean wedding in a hanbok. If neither your family nor the wedding party is from that heritage, it might (but not always) come across as offensive to wear a Scottish wedding kilts even if your intentions aren’t to offend anyone.
Most people do welcome it, but it never hurts to consider all angles before being accused of cultural appropriation. If you’re really unsure, you can always ask the bride or groom their thoughts before proceeding further!

Schedule your kilt wedding attire in advance:

Time is of high value if you are intending for this certain style. You ought to give the maker a convenient time for your wedding kilts delivery after measurement, like two to three months. Nevertheless, you should assign additional time just in case there is simply a need for alterations. You also have to think about the accessibility of the fabric pattern you select. Overall, allow yourself four to five months for this.

Dress up your kilt wedding outfit with kilt accessories:

Is your kilt wedding outfit looking a little bland? There’s nothing that a couple of kilt accessories can’t fix. From kilt pins to brooches, you can take your kilt look to the next level with a few fancy pieces. If you’re wearing a traditional button-down shirt on top, don’t be afraid to dress it up with a traditional skinny tie or bow tie. Men’s jewelry is also an easy way to look dress up your look. By throwing on a designer pair of cufflinks or wristwatch, you’ll be good to go to any wedding venue.

Don’t wear a Scottish wedding kilts that’s too short or tight.

Like anything you wear to a wedding, you want to be sure your kilt wedding outfit fits properly. If it doesn’t fit you right, you’re just going to look silly in your outfit. A wedding just isn’t the proper time to show up in a mini kilt skirt, even for the ladies.
If you’re unsure of how your wedding kilts should fit, it’s suggested to order kilts one size larger than your normal pant size. Don’t worry too much if it runs large. If it runs too big, you can always go to a tailor to get it fitted to your waist and height measurements. It might cost a little extra, but (as long as your tailor knows what he’s doing) you’re going to look stunning after a fitting.

Don’t wear a white wedding kilts, unless you’re the groom.

This might sound like common sense, but we had to reinstate it because this is usually a rule for women. For both the bridal party and wedding guests, you just don’t wear white because it’s offensive to the bride. It’s the bride’s time to shine in her white gown.
Usually, men wear white shirts with an all-black tuxedo, but a white wedding kilts paired with a white top could also fall under that rule. In other words, an all-white outfit should be avoided (unless you’re the groom). The same rule also applies to kilt hose. It’s best to avoid crisp white kilt hose, as well as black kilt hose that’s normally worn for funerals. To be safe, try wearing a black or plaid kilt with your formalwear paired with off-white kilt hose.

Don’t ignore the wedding kilts dress code on your wedding invitation:

Most of all, if the wedding invitation calls for a specific dress code, don’t ignore it. For example, some destination weddings might request a more casual form of dress, like khaki chinos and loose t-shirts. In addition, you might want to think about what the weather will be like when you’re attending this wedding. Is it going to be hot and humid or freezing cold? Will you be indoors or outdoors? These are all questions to consider before showing up in a wedding kilts.

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