Difference Between A Tartan And Utility Kilt

Tartan And Utility Kilt

Difference Between A Tartan And Utility Kilt

A tartan kilt is a traditional kilt which represents the Scottish cultural heritage. The traditional kilt is made with different tartan colors such as Campbell tartan, Blackwatch tartan, Granite grey tartan, Royal Stewart Tartan, etc. Every color is different from other tartan colors. The tartan kilt does not have much stuff, there are only straps and buckles for fastening the kilt. If we talk about utility kilt, it is the new design kilt that has an awesome look and more stuff than a tartan kilt.

The utility kilt is the modern kilt which is liked by modern men and teenagers. The utility kilt is made with the cotton material and has pockets, straps, buckles, belt loops, and other things. It is much better than that of pants, trousers, and shorts. The utility kilt has too many types according to its design. A modern utility is never plain or simple like a traditional tartan kilt. The utility kilt is not only for weddings or special events. You can wear utility kilts every place without any problem. We are going to tell you in detail about these two different types of kilts.

What Are Tartan Kilts

You must know about tartan kilts which are the symbolic dress of the Scottish and Irish people. It is an ancient dress, history goes back in the 16th century. It was a long dress which is said to be great kilt but with the passage of time; the tartan cloth is also used to make kilts. Now there are beautiful tartan kilts made with tartan clothes.

Some tartan kilts have pockets and every utility thing like in a utility kilt but many traditional lovers love to wear a tartan kilt without a pocket. A Sporran is used instead of pockets which is also a symbolic heritage of Scottish people. For fastening the kilt, leather straps and buckles have been attached. The tartan kilts are soft and comfortable as well as lightweight.

Where To Buy Tartan Kilts

Every Scottish lover, want to wear a tartan kilt but a tartan kilt is although very expensive in many retail kilt shops. Customization is also a problem in many tartan kilts. At kiltsshop, we provide a full customization facility to our customers. Our products are made with the good quality material and available for sale at a cheap price. So buy your favorite tartan kilt at our kilt store.

What Is A Utility Kilt

A utility kilt is a kilt that has pockets, belt loops, studs, metal d-rings, buttons, chains, hooks, and other things. The utility kilt comes with different designs and colors. There are also too many types of utility kilts such as firefighter kilts, canvas kilts, grey kilts, police kilt, pride kilt, hiking kilt, work kilt, and tactical duty kilt. Every type of kilt is different in design than other utility kilts.

Where To Buy Utility Kilt

At kilts shop, we have beautiful design utility kilts for our customers, you can buy one kilt for the upcoming events. Every kilt is made in a new condition and with real cotton material. Our utility kilts are not only popular in the USA, UK, and Canada but also in other countries of the world. We ship our products in every country.


Above we have discussed in detail about the Difference Between A Tartan And Utility Kilt. This is very necessary to understand if you are a newbie.


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