Kilts For Men

Pants and trousers were the fashion before the evaluation of the Scottish kilts for men. The Scottish kilt is now left its mark in fashion. People from not only Scotland, Ireland, and in the USA wear kilts but also other countries which mainly include Spain and Germany love this fashion. Searching for a perfect kilt shop is also a big headache for kilt lovers. Many retail kilts shop does not have many varieties and designs that the customer wants.

Best Dress for everyone

According to today’s people, it was a tradition which limited to the Scottish people but it is not true. This tradition is not limited to the Scottish or the people of Scotland, in fact, these kilt are for those who want to wear a different dress than pants or trousers. A non-Scottish people can also wear different kilt for men according to his choice.  A kilt is a soft and flexible dress unlike pants, trousers and other similar bottom wears.  It is basically an advanced form of a trouser because kilt comes in many designs. Some kilts are beautified with pockets, buttons, and studs while some of the fancy kilt have chains, antique metal clips, designer straps, and other beautiful stuff. This traditional dress is for old people as well because it is a softer and comfortable dress which is free from sweating and itching.

Kilt History

The shortest form of kilt which is present today mainly comes from the great kilt (which is a full-length woolen piece). In the past, the shawl or woolen piece was used to cover the whole body in winter or simply wear this woolen piece as a traditional dress. The military man and soldiers were also used to wear the great kilt to defend against different army weapons.

Traditional Tartan kilt

In the past, there was no concept of modern kilts like denim kilts, Gothic kilts, Denim kilts, and other fashion kilts. The only traditional tartan kilts were worn by the 20th century. The tartan kilts made of wool material which is not only best for the summer season but also in the winter. Traditional tartan kilt come in different designs and patterns. Each pattern is different from other patterns and consists of beautiful colors such as brown, red, black, white, etc.

Types Of Tartan Kilts

  • District Tartans
  • Clan Tartans
  • Universal Tartans

District Tartans

These are the city or district wise tartans which represent a specific district and city. Every city or district has its own different beautiful tartan color which has its own importance. People of different European countries love to wear these tartans.

Clan Tartans

These are the tartans represent large family or the oldest family who has their own traditional tartan color. These clan tartans are now not limited to the specific families, there are many non-Scottish people who love to wear clan tartans.

Universal Tartans

These are the tartans for every person. There is no restriction for you if you are not Scottish.  The most common universal tartans are black watch tartan, Royal Stewart tartan, and Granite Gray Tartan.

Why men wear kilts?

In this modern era, every man likes to wear a new dress for parties, discos, weddings and other events. Kilts made in different materials, i.e, cotton, wool, leather, and velvet. The main reason for wearing the kilts is because of massive varieties in the kilt. Pants and trousers do not have more designs. The kilt are flexible and free from itching and sweating.  Kilts also help in increases sexuality in men.  The kilt are not only for the men, an adult and a kid can also wear the kilt.

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