What Is A Tactical Kilt?

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What Is A Tactical Kilt?

Tactical Duty Kilt is the kilt that is made with a high-quality cotton blend and it is also said tactikilt. The tactical kilt is designed for the active men and it is for the tough use. As it is made for the hard cotton material that is why it looks a heavy kilt to wear but it also provides complete freedom at the same time. It remains breathable for the wearers. There are many kilts you can see in the market and online shops made with double stitching but the most attractive feature of the tactical duty kilt is that triple stitching has been done by the makers. The design of the kilt is the same as other utility kilts but a kilt is for tough and hard-working people who wear this dress during working hours.

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The kilt has a Rip-Stop weave and Teflon fabric which not only protects from the stain resistance but also makes easy maintenance. This is a special purpose kilt which is best for every man who loves to wear heavy and durable fabric. This tactical duty kilt has different design pockets as compared to other types of utility kilts such as gay kilts, canvas kilts, Gothic kilts, camouflage kilts, denim kilts, and hiking kilts. With cargo pockets, there are hidden small pockets, which helps to store magazines of pistols. We can say that tactical is best for the army and military men. This 5.11 tactical kilt has a wide belt loop that can hold the bigger size belts. It is the best-featured kilt that is easy to wear and available in a budget.

Tactical Kilt Product Features

  • Tactical duty kilt is made with the Cotton Blend
  • Available in normal and camouflage colors
  • It is a tough kilt but Breathable fabric
  • No Sweating problem
  • Maintenance is easy
  • The fabric protects from stain resistance
  • Triple stitching to make a tactical  more durable
  • Beautiful large pockets with small pockets to hold magazines.
  • Wide belt loops for holding the bigger belts

Let us explained some features of the tactical duty kilt


The maintenance of the kilts such as utility kilt, hybrid kilts, and Gothic kilts are not easy as compared to tactical kilts. The main reason of easy maintenance in the tactical kilts is Rip-Stop weave and Teflon fabric.

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More Durable

This kilt is more durable and stylish than other types of kilts because the tactical kilts are made with the tripe stitching and with matching thread.

Pockets For Magazine

Tactical duty kilts have not only big pockets but also there are small hidden pockets for holding magazines. This feature is only available in the tactical kilts.

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How Tactical Kilt is Different from Utility Kilt?

The kilts have more pockets as compared to other types of utility kilts but tactical kilts is for more tough and rigid use. The tactical duty kilts are more durable than that of other utility kilts. The fabric quality is also different than utility kilts which make protects from stain resistance.

Where To Buy Tactical Kilts?

Well, there are many retail shops that offer tactical duty kilts. The price and quality are always a big question in these kilts. The best kilts shop to buy tactical kilts is kiltsshop. We offer the same fabric quality tactical kilts that are available in camouflage and other beautiful colors. These tactical kilts are also available for sale at a cheap price.


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