What Is A Sport Kilt?

Sport Kilt

What Is A Sport Kilt?

A sports kilt is also a traditional style kilt like Scottish tartan kilts which you wear at weddings, but this kilt is slightly different from the wedding kilts. A sports kilt hence the name suggests, made for a highland sport and games. Best Sport kilts are soft and lightweight.

As you know sports and games require soft and lightweight clothing which helps in running and playing. The heavy clothes cannot fulfill your sporting needs. A sports kilt is the number one option whenever you are playing different highland sport and games.

A sports kilt is not only for highland sports but also for other popular sports such as tennis, football, rugby, hockey, etc. The other reason why sports kilt is a popular dress is that it provides complete freedom and flexibility. A sports kilt is free from sweating and itching problems. You remain active all the time as it is a soft dress.

Difference Between Sports Kilts and Traditional Wedding Kilts

Sport Kilt

Traditional Wedding Kilts

The traditional wedding kilts are made in every clan tartan color, but these kilts decorated with other things such as Sporrans, Belts, shoes, hose, flashes, and other accessories. These kilts are the complete wedding kilts and a perfect Scottish attire where you can wear on any occasion. This traditional tartan kilt is lightweight than utility kilts which are made with the cotton material but heavier than the sports kilts.

Sports Kilts

Sports kilts are the softer kilts than traditional kilts. These kilts are made with the polyester viscose, not with the wool because woolen makes a kilt heavier. This type of kilts is very popular in America and UK for Highland sports and games.

These kilts are machine washable and provide flexibility whenever throwing a hammer.  These flexible kilts do not have straps and buckles for fastening.  Velcro fastenings are used for fastening the sports kilts. The sports kilts are also cheaper than that of traditional wedding kilts. We also offer these services KILTS FOR MEN, KILTS FOR SALE, UTILITY KILTS.

Features Of A Sports Kilts

  1. More Flexible
  2. No Sweat
  3. No Itchiness
  4. More Comfortable
  5. Cheaper Than Traditional kilts
  6. Lightweight Kilt
  7. For Highland Sports And Games

Where You Can Buy Sports Kilts

Well, there are many kilt stores in your area where you can find the sports kilts in every tartan color. The prices of these kilts are higher which is not easy to buy for the kilt lover. There are also many online kilts stores from where you can buy the highland kilts, but still, there is a quality issue. So, what is the best place to buy Sports kilts?

The answer is the kilt shop. At our store, we have kilts of every tartan color and these kilts are made according to the standard of the kilt. The kilts we have also soft and flexible and available for sale at a cheap price. We don’t only have kilts and other traditional kilts, but also modern and fashionable kilts. So what are you waiting for? Buy any type of kilts from us and wear them at the upcoming event now.


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