How Do Women Wear Tartan?

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There are people who ask every day, “Do women wear tartan?” Okay it’s not always true every day. Sometimes however, we’re betting that someone will ask “Do women wear tartan?” There are a variety of different kinds of kilts like utility kilts.

We’re sorry for getting sleepless over this important issue. We don’t think you deserve this sort of treatment. You’ve got a valid authentic question that is legitimate, and someone must take care of it.

This family-owned business offering a broad selection of authentic tartans is equipped to answer your questions. Let’s begin.

Why Might a Woman Have Tartan Questions?

Anyone who has recently been introduced into the realm of tartans and kilts for men may wonder why someone would ever ask such a question. What makes a woman of the 21st century consider what or how she wears? The most straightforward answers boil from fashion as well as pop culture.

When folks think of tartans they often think about William Wallace or Jamie Fraser. Someone who recently realized the significance of their Irish or Scottish roots may be confused of the rules for tartans. They might be wondering, “Are there even tartan rules?”

Since the image of males wearing mens kilts has dominated the public’s imagination, there are a lot of concerns. Some people might be wondering since images of tartan-clad women are very rare and if women are permitted wearing tartan. When women have been “allowed” to wear it what is the best time to wear tartan?

Let’s examine how women historically wore tartan as well as certain customary requirements.

Kiltsplaining 101: Tradition

The first step is traditional female tartan-wearing customs.

The traditional item of Scottish women’s attire includes the earasaid (or an arisaid, in its Anglicized form). The earasaids did not have to include a tartan pattern however, they could feature a tartan pattern.

If you think of the length of a long-length kilt, with a floor-length belt over the hips, you’ll get an idea of the ear said. But wait! There’s more!

The wearer can then pick up the fabric and wrap the material around their shoulders before putting it on and secure it with a pin. Women typically wrap any extra material and wrap it around their shoulders to create a Hood. It was, in essence, an early prototype for the blanket/hoodie combinations that commercials suggest that you wear at football games.

Earasaid also had the added advantage of hiding the wearer when they took in a quick nap at church.

There were also other customs associated with the head coverings of married and non-married women. In many cases, the head-coverings featured hairstyles similar to those. It is likely that you won’t find the majority of them in Scotland nowadays We won’t get into detail about this issue.

Getting Fancy

Earasaid and traditional head-covering traditions were used intended for wear during the day. Special occasions and evening wear offer other options and ways of wearing tartan.

The commonality that exists between European and American men’s clothing is an irony. Professional and formal menswear carries with it a complex code, a unique language, and a myriad of rules. The parameters make it more difficult to commit a mistake however, they are more obvious the moment you do. They can also hinder creativity.

Fashion for women isn’t subject to the same limitations in all ways. In terms of formal attire, women have plenty of room to be creative.

The same is true for women who choose tartan.

Tartan skirts can be of any length or design. Women can choose to skip the skirt altogether with tartan trousers.

What Are You Gonna Do with All That Sash?

In the event that Americans are used to seeing women wearing tartan, they’ve likely observed them wearing a sash. Many people might ask, “How do women wear tartan sashes?”

In 1979, the cult reference book So You’re Going to Put on the Kilt contained specific rules for tartan sashes. According to the book, wearing the sash to the shoulder of the right was the standard of practice.

It’s not difficult, isn’t it?

This method was followed with some exceptions and bizarrely specific rules on how to dress your sash based on your marital status.

These guidelines are obsolete in the present day and age. This implies that women enjoy a lot of freedom.

Our opinion? Let your sash fly!

Creative Ways for Women to Wear Tartan

Sashes skirts, earisaids, and sashes aren’t the only choices in tartan woman’s clothing. There is plenty of creative fashionables, trendy, and unconventional options.

Add a brooch or a ring to your rosette to add glamour and pride for your clan.

Women are free to wear the tartan they prefer in any manner. Tartan is often seen on shawls, scarves, as well as on bags for handbags.

There are many options for you if want to wear tartan (hey perhaps your clan’s tartan isn’t flattering choice for your)! Both genders can dress their homes in the tartan of their choice with pillows and blankets. When tartan is the topic the choices are nearly infinite.

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You’ve thought about strolling through the moors, with the wind blowing across your Arisaid.

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