Tactical Duty Kilt or 5.11 tactical kilt is a modern designed utility that is made for tough and hard-working men. This 5.11 tactical kilt is different in shape and material. The tactikilt is a kilt for rough and tough use. We used the supreme quality cotton blend for making this tough and hard Kilt. The tactical kilts are durable and long-lasting. These tactikilts also have storage pockets for keeping important things such as keys, mobile phones, etc. The kilt is one of the best selling Utility kilt on our store.

It has wide belt loops for carrying the bigger belts. A perfect 5.11 tactical kilt for you which is better than formal trousers.

5.11Tactical Kilt Features

  • Use original cotton material.
  • The breathable fabric is used.
  • A durable kilt
  • Beautiful and decorated metal buttons
  • Storage Pockets for keeping essential things

You Must Know

The Tactical Kilt is a form of a utility kilt but this is designed for tough working men. The tactical kilt has more pockets and these pockets are designed to hold magazines. The tactikilt is made according to the kilt standard.

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