Who Wears Kilts?

Who Wears Kilts

Brief History Of Kilts

Kilts are the traditional dress of the Scottish and Irish culture. In the past only the people of these two nations wear kilts. The design and size of the kilts at that time is different than that of today’s traditional tartan kilts. History goes back to the 16th century where the kilts first used for military purposes. At that time, this tradition limited to military or war. The full-length tartan cloth (is said to be in today’s life a great kilt) which was used to cover the whole body. The full-length tartan cloth is not only a traditional dress at that time but also the big tartan cloth helpful in the winter season.

In the 18th century, the government banned every highland dress which mainly includes tartan and plain. There is also imprisonment of six months who wear the tartan.  If the person who did a violation again then strict action will be taken against him.

Who Wears Kilts

This is a very important question and many people wanted to know who wears kilts?. Kilts are the traditional dress which is mainly worn by Scottish and Irish people but nowadays it is a new fashion trend. Many German people, Iceland and other people of the world also love to wear kilts. Kilts are the most comfortable wear because you can move around easily as these are the flexible dress.

What To Wear With Kilts?

We have discussed above who wears kilts. Now there is also a question of what to wear with kilts. There is confusion in the mind of most of the kilt lovers. Some people wear kilts without underwear but most modern people and young men wear underwear before any garment.

Invention Of Small Kilts

After the 18th century, the whole piece of tartan cloth was shrink into small dresses which is called kilts. These are the present-day traditional tartan kilts which not only worn by Scottish and Irish people but also other people of the world. There are also modern kilts which is an advanced form of a short or trouser. These modern kilts have utility things like buttons, pockets, straps, chains, hooks, metal o and d rings, and other premium and decoration hardware.  The invention of small kilts makes these dresses a new fashion in the field of garments.

What Material Is Used In Kilts?

You all know who wears kilts but there is also an important question; what material is used in kilts?. In the traditional era, the only tartan cloth material is used and to cover the whole body but now cotton, leather, denim, and velvet material is used for making different today’s kilts. The kilts made with materials other than tartan materials have more utility stuff to facilitate the kilt lover. The cotton kilts, leather kilts, denim, and velvet kilts have antique buttons, studs, belt loops, one or more than one pockets, premium embroidery work, chains and so many things which make them modern design kilts. In these modern Scottish kilts, chrome and brass metals have been used.

Varieties In A Kilt

In the past, the only traditional full-length tartan cloth is worn on the shoulder and other parts of the body. This whole tartan cloth is now simply called a great kilt which is still popular. There are a lot of varieties and types of kilts available to people around the world.  Now not only tartan and utility kilts made for the kilt lovers, but there are also varieties in the utility kilts such as firefighter kilts, canvas kilts, hybrid utility kilts, denim utility kilts, Camouflage Kilts, Leather Kilts, hiking kilts, running kilts, tactical kilts, and other beautiful designs. The unique designs and types give a big boost in the field of the garment industry. Now fashion is not limited to pants and trousers.

Every Event

Today’s the kilt is not designed for specific purposes such as military war. Now there is no confusion in deciding who wears kilts? Everyone can wear the kilts at not only for specific or limited places. There are a lot of designs and you can wear at different places which mainly includes Halloween parties, new year nights, marriage ceremonies, office meetings or wear casually. There is no restriction and anyone can wear the kilts who love this fashion.