Why Do Scots Wear Kilts?

Do Scots Wear Kilts

First, we know in detail what is a kilt and why it is a popular dress in today’s life. After understanding the whole concept of this highland traditional dress you will come to know why it is important for Scottish people and for everyone who loves to wear Scottish attire.

What is KIlt?

A kilt is a small dress that is worn on the lower part of the body. A kilt is the bottom wear like pants, trousers, and shorts but it is the easy dress to wear because you don’t need to put your legs on the kilts just like you wear pants or trousers. This traditional dress was first used in the 16th century but at that time the main purpose of wearing the kilt is not to cover the lower part of the body but also the big tartan cloth is worn on the full body. In the past, it was a complete outfit for the men, there was no need to wear a shirt, t-shirt, or any top with the top.

Tartan Plaid

In the 16th century, the soldiers of wearing the full-length kilt because, at that time, it was used to cover the whole body from winter as well as in order to defend the enemy with this long dress. The tartan cloth had been used to cover the whole body which is made with the original wool material.  At that time, the term plaid is widely used instead of a kilt. The plaid means in Scottish terminology, a full length, an unstitched piece of tartan. There was no stitching concept on plaids at that time because it was used as a shawl. The tartan colors were also limited in 16th century. The progress on the kilt and tartan colors was after the 18th century. The long and full-length unstitched tartan is also known as a great kilt.

Great Kilt

A great kilt is the traditional style of kilt clothing which was said as tartan plaid. This clothing is still popular and there is no need to worn another dress with the great kilt. The tartan which is used in the great kilt has the ability to hold the weight of the body because heavy tartan is used for kilts.

Why Do Scots Wear Kilts?

Well, not only Scottish, nowadays, it is the fashion in the garment industry. Many non-Scottish people also wear this premium traditional dress. The traditional Celtic dress is a traditional plain tartan kilt that has no pockets, buttons, studs, belt loops and tartan straps, and buckles.

This traditional Celtic dress is the symbol of the Scottish people. The main reason Why Do Scots Wear Kilts? is that this Celtic dress has beautiful pleating and stitching work. Another big reason for wearing kilts is that this traditional tartan kilt is also more soft and easy to wear as compared to pants and trousers. Sweating is also a big problem when you wear pants or trousers while there is no concept of sweating in kilts. Another main differentiated thing in a kilt is that provides more freedom to walk. To increase sexual health, the doctor and health experts also advise wearing kilts to the patients.

Important Difference

We are going to discuss some of the important difference which shows Why Do Scots Wear Kilts?

  1. Soft Tartan
  2. Increase Sexuality
  3. No Sweating
  4. Easy To Wear
  5. Perfect Outfit
  6. Pleating And Stitching

Soft Tartan

The traditional Scottish kilt is made in a wool material which is a soft material. This soft tartan cloth is best for the old men who can’t wear tight pants and trousers.

Increase Sexuality

Every sex experts suggest people wear kilts instead of tight pants and trousers. Kilt helpful in increases penis strength, enlargement, and more sperm power. So, for maintaining sexual pleasure, it is the best outfit.

No Sweating

Sweating is a big issue when you wear pants or tight trousers/shorts. The kilt mostly wears without underwear so there is no concept of sweating.

Easy To Wear

Pant needs to put your leg on each side while there is no concept in wearing a kilt. Put a tartan kilt around your waist and fasten by using straps that’s it.

Perfect Outfit

There is a great kilt concept in the Scottish kilt. This is a full-length tartan plaid as like in the past, so there is no need to wear additional tops with the great kilt.

Pleating And Stitching

Pleating and stitching is an art in the kilt field. The beauty of traditional kilt lies on the pleating and stitching, the more pleats and better stitching make a kilt more beautiful.

By explaining the above reasons, you can able to know Why Do Scots Wear Kilts.

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