Did The Irish Wear Kilts

Did The Irish Wear Kilts

Did The Irish Wear Kilts

Kilts are the main traditional culture of the Scottish people but it doesn’t mean only Scottish people wear kilts. The Irish people also adopted this traditional heritage and wearing kilts for more than 10 decades. As we know the Scottish kilts have clan, district, and universal tartans. Similarly, Irish tartans have these classifications. The Irish tartans are also not limited, there are many beautiful colors of the tartans available for the kilt lover. It is not important for a true kilt lover to wear Scottish, Irish, and other countries’ kilts. All countries’ kilts are made with the same quality standard. The difference among the Candian tartan kilts, Scottish tartan kilts, and Irish tartan kilts are the tartan colors.

There are also other design kilts which are also called utility kilts or modern kilts. These modern kilts are universal kilts and citizens of every country wear these kilts. There are also printed kilts and special Halloween kilts available on the internet, an Irish kilt lover can also wear these special kilts. We are going to discuss a short history of the Irish kilts in the next paragraph.

History Of Irish Kilt

The Irish people also use a big woolen cloth to cover the full body like Scottish people. At that time, there was no invention in shorter kilts and people of Ireland wear full-length dresses. The proper shorter kilts start to wear in Ireland in the 20th century at that time the main attractive tartan colors are Saffron, Irish green, and blue. These are the most wearable colors in this present day. Most of the Irish people and people of different countries celebrate the memorial day which is Saint Patrick’s day. This special day is a holiday in Ireland but not in other countries. On this day, people from different countries of the world wear a green outfit in the form of caps, shirts, pants, trousers, kilts, green kilt jackets, green coats, socks, and shoes.

In this century, the Irish people not only wear the country’s national color in kilts but also wear different tartan kilts and modern design kilts. The people of this country love to wear a modern dress in parties, night clubs, and other special occasions.

A School Uniform

The Irish kilts were first in a School in 1910. The founder of the school named Patrick Pierce motivates the students to wear traditional dress. The students wear the tartan kilts as their school uniform. Patrick Pierce also encourages the students to learn other languages.

Irish Tartans

Like Scottish tartans, Irish tartans are also popular in other European countries. These tartans also have beautiful colors and every color is according to the clan and district. The premium military tartan kilt of Ireland is the Saffron kilt and Irish green kilt. The difference between the Scottish and Irish kilts is only tartan colors otherwise both countries follow the same quality guidelines.  The method of wearing the Irish tartan kilts and Scottish tartan kilts are the same.

Where To Buy Irish Tartan Kilts

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