How To Put On A Kilt

How To Put On A Kilt

How To Put On A Kilt

Wearing a kilt is easy as it does not involve any rocket science. A newbie who doesn’t know about a kilt should learn first how to wear a kilt properly and how to put on a kilt.  For wearing a tartan kilt, you must first buy those tartan kilts which belong to your clan and districts. If you did not find your tartan then universal tartans are best for you. In order to know how to put on a kilt, and kilt for men’s attire, we are going to discuss it in detail.

Tartan Kilt

For a complete outfit, a kilt is the key part of the attire. If you are Irish or Scottish, you must have a tartan kilt. The tartan kilt should be wrap in such a way that a plain apron on the front side of the body while pleats on the backside of the body.  Two or more leather straps have attached to the tartan kilts in order to fasten the kilts. The leather straps are also attached with the brass buckles and you can fit the kilts easily with these straps and buckles.

Kilt Jacket

For becoming a true Scotsman, you don’t need to wear ordinary shirts and t-shirts. There is a special jacket which you can wear instead of shirts and t-shirts. This kilt jacket is not longer than other standard jackets. The kilt jacket has many beautiful designs of jackets such as Prince Charlie Jackets and Brian Boru Jackets. These jackets are decorated with unique brass buttons on the front side. The same beautiful buttons on the shoulder of the kilt jackets. This kilt jacket mostly wears at weddings, parties, and other ceremonies.

Ghillie Shirt

The ghillie shirt is the best alternative to the kilts jacket. The ghillie shirt is comfortable and soft as compared to other shirts. The laces have been used as a front side for fastening the ghillie shirt. Furthermore,  these ghillie shirts are available in every color but white is the attractive color.

Leather Belt

The leather belt is also a part of the kilts accessory. The belt must be wrapped on the tartan kilts to fasten the kilts. The belt is not only used for fasten the kilts but also it increases the beauty of the traditional tartan kilts.


In standard outfits, we use socks and long pants while in Scottish attire there is no concept of socks. Instead of socks, a hose is used. The hose is the long pair of socks which is worn with every tartan kilts.


The brogues are the highland shoes that are different from ordinary shoes. These highland shoes are made with leather material. These brogues also wear with the tartan kilts and the laces of brogues are wrap around the hose 2-3 times.


The flashes are made of tartan and cotton material. These small pieces of cloth put on each hose. You can choose which type of flashes you want in a tartan kilts.


Sporrans are the small bags which is used instead of the pockets. These are made with animal skin such as goat sporran, rabbit fur Sporran, fox Sporran, leather Sporran, and sheep Sporran. There are also different material Sporrans which mainly include cotton Sporrans and tartan Sporrans. The Sporran is attached on the front apron by using tassels.

Kilt Pin

The kilts pin is a small pin but comes in different designs. This pin is placed on the left side of the bottom of the front apron.

Sgian Dubh

The sgian dubh is the small knife which is put on the left hose and this sgian dubh is a vital element of the Scottish attire.

The above all make a complete Scottish attire. If you want to go to the Scottish wedding and Scottish event then you must wear not only kilts but also other kilts accessories. So know you know how to put on a kilt, still confusion then read this article again.

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