How To Properly Wear A Kilt

Scotsman Wearing Kilt

How To Properly Wear A Kilt

Wearing a kilt properly is not difficult, it is very easy as compared to pants and trousers but you must have knowledge of kilt and tartan colors before wearing a kilt. In this article, we are going to discuss some necessary things which are essential to know “How To Properly Wear A Kilt“.

Choosing The Right Tartan

Choosing the right tartan is necessary for you. There are many beautiful Scottish and Irish tartan colors available in the market but you know which tartan family you belong to. There are three major classifications of tartan colors which are clan tartan, district tartan, and universal tartan. If you are a tartan lover and did not belong to any of the tartan family then universal tartans are the best for you.


In order to wear a proper fitting kilt, you must measure your waist, hip, and length before buy or order any kilt. Remember, never buy a kilt for men by following the size of the pant. The pant size is always different than that of a kilt size. Normally 2-4 inches difference between pants and a kilt. You need a standard measuring tape in order to measure the accurate waist and length.

Waist Measurement

It is an important measurement and you must stand erect, wrap the measuring tape around your waist to measure the waist.

Hip Measurement

It is important if you want to wear the kilt around the hip. In this measurement, you must measure the biggest and widest part of the hip.

Length Measurement

You should point the measuring tape at the waist or at the hip where you want to fasten the kilt and then drop down the measuring tape where you want a kilt length. This whole process requires a second person which may be your family member or friend.

Wear A Kilt

Now you have a perfect kilt according to your measurements, that kilt should wrap around your body and fasten with straps and brass buckles. Remember, the plain part of the kilt should at the front side while the area which has pleats should be at the backside of the body. This is the Scottish law of wearing a kilt.


In order to wear the kilt properly and according to the Scottish tradition, you must attach a kilt with a Sporran. A sporran is a small but decorated pocket that has a beautiful design. This is not only for keeping small things but also make you a complete Scottish man.

Leather Belt

The leather belt is used for fastening the traditional tartan kilt at the front side but this is a real leather belt. Furthermore, this is a big size leather belt which is a special design for a Scottish people.

Scottish Kilt Jacket

Scottish jackets are made in wool material and there are many beautiful jackets that not only complete the Scottish outfit but also jacket and kilt make a complete wedding dress. This is the best wedding dress when you wear it at different Scottish ceremonies and Scottish festivals.

Scottish Accessories

There are also other Scottish accessories that are necessary with the Scottish attire for a perfect outfit. These accessories mainly include flashes, Kilt pin, hose, fly plaid, sashes, and shoes.

By following the above steps you will able to know How To Properly Wear A Kilt. For a true Scotsman, everything is important for you. So wear a Scottish kilt with pride at various Scottish events.

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