How To Measure For A Kilt

Measure For A Kilt

How To Measure For A Kilt

Measuring a kilt is very important for everyone who wants to wear a kilt. If you are a customer or a maker, it is important for both of you. A better fitting kilt is better than a worse or tight-fitting kilt. Taking time for measurement is better than giving the wrong size to the maker. If you are a customer then it’s your responsibility to provide accurate waist, length, and other measurements to the kiltmaker. Many customers don’t know how to measure for a kilt, that is why they did not measure accurately. One more thing which many customers don’t know is that the size of the jeans and other pants are always different than that of a kilt for sale. You need the following tools for measuring the kilt.


  • Pencil
  • Notebook
  • Measuring tape

The above tools are essential to measuring the traditional tartan kilt. Now we are going to discuss three measurements that are necessary for an exact kilt measurement.

  1. Waist Measurement
  2. Hip Measurement
  3. Length Measurement

Waist Measurement

The waist measurement is an essential measurement for perfect kilt measurement. If you are a customer then you must stand erect for waist measurement or it is better to take help from a friend or family member. After that, you must breathe normally and then wrap a standard measuring tape around your waist. Some kilt lovers wear at the naval and some below the naval or at the hip. Wrap the measuring tape where you want to fasten the kilt, this will be your exact waist measurement.

Hip Measurement

The hip measurement is also an important measurement factor and it is only necessary when you don’t want to wear the kilt at the naval or at the waist. The hip basically the wider part of the body, so you must understand that the waist size and the hip size will never be the same. There is a 2-6 inches difference between waist measurement and length measurement. For exact hip measurement, you must wrap the measuring tape around the widest and bigger part of the hip. Again, you must breathe normally because it is also important for the hip measurement. In this way, you will get your hip measurement size.

Length Measurement

The length is also an important factor and the best length will cover your lower part of the body. Many kilts lovers want a little longer or default length in order to wear a kilt. For this measurement, you need a friend because you cannot perform this measurement on your own. The friend should measure you at the fastening position of the waist or at the hip then drop down the measuring tape to the point where you want the length of the traditional tartan kilt. The standard length of the traditional tartan kilt for men is 24 inches while 20 inches for women but it depends on your style of clothing.

The above three steps are the necessary measurements in order to wear a perfect kilt. If you are new in this business then you able to know how to measure for a kilt.


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