Do The Irish Wear Kilts?

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Ireland is a popular and re-known country which is not only famous for rugby, football, and delicious food but also this country has a special dress which is called a kilt. Kilts are the traditional dress for not only Scottish but also for the Irish people. This is a cultural heritage dress for the people of both nations. The study shows the kilt is the traditional heritage dress of Scotland and Scottish people wear that dress since the 16th century.

The record says, at that time only Scottish warriors or military men wear this dress in the wars. This ancient dress was used in a different way, not like today. There was a big tartan plaid cloth used at that time to cover the whole body. The history shows the Scottish people wearing kilts for more than 3 centuries. The people of Ireland wear that tradition almost a century ago.

History Of The Tartan kilt

At that time, a long tartan plaid is used as a blanket and to cover the body. It was the only garment which was worn by Scottish people. In the 19th century, the Irish people shows interest in the kilts and at that time proper kilt worn by pipers and military men. The popular color in Irish kilts was Saffron and Green but now there are beautiful tartan colors. In this century, the Irish people wear every type of kilt which mainly includes tartan kilts, utility kilts, leather kilts, and Camouflage kilts.

Before the evaluation of the kilts, the Irish people wear Lein-croich instead of kilts. The Lein-croich was a full-length tartan cloth and used for black and cover the body.

The history shows the tartan kilt first used in a school as a school uniform. This school uniform was worn by not only students but also some teachers of that School. The founder of the School named Patrick Pierce motivates the students to remember the cultural heritage.

Do The Irish Wear Kilts?

The answer is yes, Irish people wear kilts and this is a traditional dress of them. Like in Scottish tartan kilts, there are also huge varieties in the tartan colors. Every Irish tartan belongs to their clan or district like in Scottish tartans. The Irish people can also wear universal tartans such as black watch tartan. Green is the national color of Ireland and people who love to wear a green dress on the Saint Patrick’s Day. There are also green hats, shirts, and trousers which also show patriotism by Irish people on that memorable day. Saint Patrick’s Day is the national holiday in Ireland but other countries also celebrate this day.

The way to wear the traditional Irish tartan kilts is also the same as in Scottish tradition. The design and pleating are also the same as in Scottish culture. The stitching work is also the same as in Scottish culture. The only difference is the tartan color as Irish tartans have more green color because it is the national symbol of the Ireland Flag. This article provides solution to the question “Do The Irish Wear Kilts“?

Irish Tartans

Like in Scottish, Irish people also have national tartan colors which mostly loved by the people of Ireland. The main attractive Irish colors are green, blue, and Saffron. The Green Irish kilts are the symbolic heritage kilt of Irish people and many Irish tartan colors have a green color.  There is also great work by the experts in the advancement of Irish tartans. The Irish tartans are also made with the wool, acrylic, and polyviscose material. The best quality of tartan material is made in wool which is an expensive material. The kilt made in acrylic and polyviscose is not very expensive.

Modern Fashion

In this 21st century, not only the Scottish tradition gains popularity in this era but also many kilt lovers around the world loves to wear Irish kilts. The Irish kilts are now not only the cultural dress but also a fashion in many countries. There are beautiful designs and types of Irish kilts which left their mark in modern fashion. Mostly fashion lovers now prefer kilts to pants. Some Hollywood celebrities such as actors, directors, and producers also love to wear kilts.

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