When Were Kilts Invented

When Were Kilts Invented

When Were Kilts Invented

When Were Kilts Invented? Many people wanted to know the answer to this question. The study shows,  kilts were first used in the 16th century as a full piece of woolen cloth. There is no concept of a tartan kilt and other types of kilts. The woolen cloth was unstitched and sometimes it was said to be the great kilt. A great kilt was an ancient Scottish heritage dress that is still popular in today’s life. In ancient times, the woolen cloth was worn not only as a dress but also treated as a blanket.

In the 16th century, the only military men wear the kilts to defend from rain and winter during the war. This woolen cloth was also used to defend the enemy in wars. The invention of a small kilt or a kilt was made in the 18th century and by the 20th century, there were Kilts Invented huge inventions in the field of kilts by adding more varieties and designs such as utility kilts and tartans utility kilts. In this century, this was not a limited fashion anymore. This beautiful fashion is adopted by many European countries which mainly include Denmark and Germany.

This fashion moves like a windstorm in this current century. There is a great invention in the other beautiful kilts which mainly includes flag kilts, pride kilts, printed kilts, special event kilts, and logo kilts. If you want to buy one of the modern or traditional kilts then explore our website kilt shop.

Brief History Of The kilts

The great kilt is the first traditional kilt which was used in the 16th century. The half part of the full-length woolen great kilt is covered the lower part of the body while the other part drop on the one side of the shoulder. After some years the belted great kilt was worn by the highlanders. The reason for adding the belt with a great kilt is to provide better fitting and comfortability while walking or doing any work.

As we have discussed above, it was used by the military men, so at that time it was limited fashion but after the 17th century. It was used by other Scottish people casually at home or at other places.  After the 17th century, the government imposes the ban on woolen cloth and other tartan plaids which was lifted in 35 years. We are going to discuss this government ban in the next paragraph.

Ban On Great Kilt

The government imposes a ban on every tartan plaids in the early 18th century. There were 6 months imprisonment and a heavy fine on the culprit. If that person found guilty again then strict action will be taken against him.

Evaluation Of Small Kilts

Well, in the 17th and 18th centuries, some people in the town wear small tartan kilts but official it was announced in the 19th century. In the 19th century, the kilts were not restricted to kings or military men but also every Scottish people can wear different tartan kilts without any restrictions. At that time, the kilts were recognized as a Scottish traditional dress, and stitched tartan kilts were worn.

Varieties In Kilts

The varieties in kilts such as tartan utility kilts and modern utility kilts were used to wear at the start of the 20th century. At that time, not only Scottish but also Irish people wear these modern kilts and other kilts casually at home and school. There were more tartan colors at that time as compared to the 16th century.

Modern And Fashion Kilts

There is a great invention of modern and fashionable kilts in this century. You may see the beautiful and unique design of modern kilts in many online and offline stores. There are also special events and printed kilts you can see in many eCommerce stores such as Kiltsshop.


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