How To Wrap A Kilt Like Outlander?

How To Wrap A Kilt Like Outlander

Outlander Kilt

The great kilt is also said to be an outlander dress or outlander kilt. In the 16th century, there was no concept of traditional tartan kilt or a modern utility kilt and outlander kilt was used as a full-length garment to cover the whole body. There was no small kilt, tie, tartan jacket, and trews in the 16th century. There was also different tartan color available for making an outlander kilt. The tartan color was different than that of modern tartan colors. The ancient tartan colors are also loved by today’s people. Until the 18th century, it was commonly used by Scottish and highland soldiers in the war.

History of Outlander Great Kilt

There was no evolution of tartan kilts, utility kilts, and other types of kilts at that time. The Outlander Great Kilt was available in the same design and in every tartan color as in modern kilt. This Outlander Great Kilt was easily available and made with the original wool. The Outlander Great Kilt is the length and long kilt such as a great kilt. The popularity of an outlander kilt comes to an end in 1746. The government banned all types of highland garments which are tartan, plaid, etc. At that time, there were 6 months imprisoned announced for the people who wear a highland dress. If the violation repeated then strict action was taken.

How To Make A Outlander Kilt

For making an outlander kilt, two woolen pieces of cloth are used for making an outlander kilt. The width of each woolen cloth is between 27 inches to 30 inches. Now The pieces of the two woolen clothes must be stitched together with the sewing machines which make a complete tartan cloth width of 54 inches to 60 inches. The length of this tartan cloth is up to 9 yards. Now the pleating is done manually in order to wear the outlander kilt. Pleating is fun and easy and it did not get much time. Every time you have to do manual pleating of an outlander kilt.

How To Wrap A Kilt Like Outlander?

If you love Scottish tradition then you must know How To Wrap A Kilt Like Outlander. It is fun and easy and anyone can do it. You must wrap the whole outlander kilt on your body and drop one part on the shoulder to become a true Outlander. This is a traditional way to wear an outlander full-length kilt.

Choose the Tartan

There are many beautiful tartan colors in the tartan registrar. You can choose a specific color in which you want to wear an outlander great kilt. If you did not find a tartan according to your clan then you can choose a universal tartan color such as black watch tartan.

Pleating Of The Tartan

While wearing an outlander kilt, the unstitched woolen cloth is used. This unstitched cloth is must lay down on the big area for pleating. The pleating for outlander kilt is easy and it takes normally 10 minutes. After pleating, cover the one half of the tartan on the body and drop one side on the shoulder. Now you become an outlander.

Belt For Fastening

For holding the outlander kilt, you must wear a belt around your waist. There are no straps and buckles like in a tartan kilt, so fasten the leather belt tightly around your waist.


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