Why Did The Scottish Wear Kilts

Why Did The Scottish Wear Kilts

Why Did The Scottish Wear Kilts

This is the common question that is coming to mind of most the non-Scottish people ” Why Did The Scottish Wear Kilts“. As you know, pants and trousers are the worldwide fashion in the field of the garment but in Scotland, the Scottish kilts are more preferable than pants and trousers. There are various reasons which tell us why this traditional dress is more popular than pants. The main reason which distinguishes between pant and the kilt is freedom. The pant always tight and fit which does not provide freedom to your legs or lower part of the body. Some people have itching and sweating problems by wearing tight pants, so loose-fitting bottom wear would be the best wear for them. Kilts are the loose-fitting and open-air bottom wear which prevents these (itching and sweating) problems. Another important reason for wearing kilts is to increase the sexual health of men unlike in the tight-fitting pants. There are also lots of differences which tells you why this traditional heritage garment is a better dress than other types of dresses.

Reasons for Wearing A Kilt

There are following reasons which show why this beautiful cultural dress better for everyone

  1. Increase Sex Life
  2. Reduce Depression
  3. Full Freedom
  4. More Comfortable And Soft
  5. Easy To Wear
  6. For Wedding
  7. Modern Fashion
  8. Overcome Itching And Sweating
  9. For Special Events
  10. Can Be Wear Without Underwear

Increase Sex Life

The kilts increase the sexual life of a men which pants and trousers cannot do. The lower part of the body needs fresh air and freedom but if you wear pants all the time, it may reduce the fertility ratio because it damages the nerves of the penis. The kilts also strengthen the penis and increase the thickness of the sperm.

Reduce Depression

The depression is the big disease which is facing by many individuals because of uncertain happenings. To overcome the depression, there is need for a fresh air and a changed mind. If you wear pants all the way and stay at home then it never helps you in reducing the depression. The kilts plays important role in this matter. You must go outside by wearing the kilt, the fresh air and atmosphere will definitely help in reducing the depression level.

Full Freedom

The kilts provide full freedom to walk anywhere as your legs are open and there is no tightness just like in pants. Just fasten the kilt with straps and buckles or waist buttons then move anywhere you want. You don’t need to wear the kilt same way a pants.

More Comfortable And Soft

The kilts basically made in soft cotton and wool material which provides more comfortability than pants. These kilts are also suitable for the older man who wants to wear loose-fitting dresses.

Easy To Wear

The kilts as we have said above are a more comfortable and soft dress, this Scottish dress is also easy to wear. There is a waist button or straps and buckles for fastening the kilt. You don’t need to put your legs on both sides of the kilt to wear it properly that is why this fashion is not only popular in the UK, the USA but also in other countries.

For Wedding

Choosing the best wedding dress is always be a headache but kilts solve these problems. The kilts not only designed to wear casually at home or at office meetings but also you can wear the complete outfit of kilt with Prince Charlie jacket at weddings. This complete wedding outfit is more attractive than that of shirts and pants.

Modern Fashion

The kilts are now the modern fashion of the world; the kilts are not only restricted to tartan kilts. There are beautiful and modern utility kilts made today for the modern people. These kilts are stuffed with expensive things that make them a premium dress.

Overcome Itching And Sweating

Itching and sweating is the common issue while you wearing pants and in the huge gathering of people, it is very shameful when this problem occurs. Kilts are an open dress by which you never face this issue. Furthermore, kilts can also help in reducing these problems.

For Special Events

Kilts are also designed for special events which include Christmas, Halloween, fathers day, Mother day, independence day, etc. These are the special order kilts which not only designed for the specific event but also more beautiful with different hardwares.

Can Be Wear Without Underwear

Traditionally pants and trousers are worn with the underwear but kilts provide you freedom. You don’t need to wear tartan or any kilt with the underwear. In Scotland, many traditional kilt lovers wear tartan kilts without the underwear

You can understand in this article “Why Did The Scottish Wear Kilts“. Now, this traditional heritage is not limited to Scotland, people of many states and countries adopted this fashion as formal wear.

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