How To Make A Utility Kilt For Men? – Best Kilt Guide

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A utility kilt is the modern design kilt for the people who love to wear modern dresses. Mostly utility kilt is made with the cotton material but now at kilt shop, we make utility kilts with other materials such as velvet. Our utility kilt is not only popular in the USA but also in other countries of the world. Traditional tartan kilts are the symbolic kilts that are loved by traditional kilt lovers but utility kilt is the modern-day kilt.

The utility kilt comes with beautiful designs and colors. The utility kilts have pockets to keep important goods but tartan kilts are always plain and did not have pockets. Sporrans are attached on the front side of the tartan kilt instead of pockets. There are also small pockets, belt loops, straps, buckles, chains, hooks, studs, snaps, and other things in the utility kilt. A utility kilt is a fashionable kilt which you can wear everywhere.

What is a Utility Kilt

Many people don’t know what is a utility kilt. A utility kilt is a kilt which is made with other material such as cotton, denim, and velvet material. Tartan is not used in the utility kilts. A utility kilt is a beautiful and modern kilt that has beautiful metal stuff such as snaps, studs, metal hooks, chains, d-rings, etc. A utility kilt hence the name suggests, a kilt has every utility thing. As this utility kilt as snaps, pockets, and other things that is why a utility kilt is heavier than that of a traditional tartan kilt. A utility kilt has been subdivided into firefighter kilts, canvas kilts, gay kilts, hiking kilt, tactical duty kilt, and work kilt.

How To Wear A Utility Kilt

Now you know what is a utility kilt. Wearing a utility kilt is as easy but many people don’t know how to wear a utility kilt. There are waist buttons attached to every type of utility kilt. You can easily fasten by using these waist buttons. A utility kilt is open and provides full freedom to walk as like with traditional tartan kilt.

What To Wear With A Utility Kilt

What To Wear With A Utility Kilt? A utility kilt or traditional tartan kilt can be worn with underwear or boxer but these dresses are traditionally worn without underwear. These dresses provide full freedom to walk. A utility kilt is long enough to cover the private part of the men. Now many modern men wear a utility kilt with underwear but it is fo your choice.

How To Make A Utility Kilt

Making a utility kilt is fun and it is quite easy. Although making a utility kilt required more time and effort than a traditional kilt. By doing more practice, you can able to know how to make a utility kilt. We are going to discuss step by step guide for How To Make A Utility Kilt For Men. Follow all these instructions carefully and you must have a pencil and notebook for reading this guide.

How To Make A Utility Kilt For Men? – Best Kilt Guide

You need the following tools and fabric in order to make the best quality hand-made utility kilt.

Tools And Material Required

  1. 5 yards of cotton twill fabric
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Marking pencil
  4. Pins
  5. Scissors
  6. Thread
  7. Sewing Machine
  8. Iron
  9. Hook and eye
  10. 6 decorative buttons


Step 1

Measuring is important for making a perfect utility kilt, you must measure your waist by using measuring tape. For this purpose, you must stand erect.

Step 2

Measure your kilt length by drop down the measuring tape from the waist area to the below-knee (where you want the length of the kilt). You can take help from your friend for measuring the length.

Step 3

Arrange all the tools and fabric for making the kilt.

Step 4

Cut the measuring kilt length fabric and add extra 4 inches for the hem.

Step 5

Folding the fabric at the bottom edge up to 2 inches and pin the hem. It creates a 2-inch double thickness hem. Sew him by using the best quality thread.

Step 6

Measure the middle of the fabric at 2 ½  yards. Measure 6 inches both sides of the middle point and mark with the pencil. Folding these points which creates two 3 inches deep pleats.

Step 7

Now pin the pleats and down the fabric until they are 6 inches deep.

Step 8

Measure 3 inches on either side of the fold box pleats and mark these areas with a pencil.

Step 9

Now create 3-inch deep pleats around the kilt.

Step 10

In the next step, you have to iron the pleats.

Step 11

If you have 11 inches of unpleated fabric left on both sides then stop pleating. Fold the side edge by 1 inch on both sides and sew a hem.

Step 12

Cut a waistband from the remaining fabric. The waistband must be 1 inch longer than that of a width of the front apron.

Step 13

Pin the waistband and fold the edges and mark with the chalk or pencil. Double-stitched the waistband.

Step 14

Sew the hook inside of the waistband.

Step 15

Place the snaps on the front side of the apron and on the waist. Sew the snaps by using sewing machines.

Step 16

Add straps and buckles with the utility kilt for fastening.

Step 17

Wear the kilt and enjoy


By following the above steps, you can able to know How To Make A Utility Kilt for men. It is fun but needs a lot of practice. Wear utility kilt at weddings and other events.