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How To Wear A Great Kilt

A great kilt is a historical kilt that was worn in the 16th century. At that time, only highland soldiers wear a great kilt. It was a traditional Scottish attire and that time it was also known as breacan an fheilidh or feile mor. It was an ancient tartan dress which is made with the tartan colors. A great kilt is a kilt that is worn on the wars and on the special ceremonies or events.

Introduction of the Great Kilt

As we have discussed above, it was a traditional dress which mostly worn by highland Soldiers in war but with the passage of time, a small piece of tartan is used in order to make tartan kilts. The tartan in the great kilt is manufactured with pure wool material. At that time, there were no modern machines or equipment, so making a great kilt, takes much time. In the past the tartan is used unstitched, there is no concept of stitching. The whole tartan or shawl is used to cover the body. The tartan was also used to make warm in the cold weather. The great kilt was a popular dress until 1746 and after that, there was a law under act 1746, which banned all types of highland dresses.

What is the Great Kilt?

How To Wear A Great Kilt

It is the traditional great kilt for the ancient tartan lovers. It is a piece of tartan that is used to cover the whole body. In the past, the great kilt has been used in the war. At that time, many people don’t know much about the tartan and a great kilt, so only highlanders wear this great kilts. Nowadays, a tartan is used in different ways such as kilts, tie, bow, tartan jacket, tartan Sporran, trews, etc. The tartan is almost used in every garment and it is now popular cloth like cotton and leather.

How to Make A Great Kilt

In the past, 9 yards of tartan cloth is necessary to make a great kilts.  Moreover, at the time looms were used to weave fabric up to 30 inches wide. For making a great kilts, the tartan would cut in half which gives you two pieces of full-length tartan cloth. In that way, each tartan cloth piece is 4 ½ yards long and 30 inches wide. Now used a sewing machine and sew the two pieces of tartan cloth side by side. After that, you will get the total width of 60 inches of the tartan cloth with 4 ½ yards long. Now you can know how to make a great kilt.

How do you wear a Great Kilt?

Manually pleating has been done whenever you wear a great kilts. You must lay down the tartan cloth in an open area in order to do better pleating. The great kilts did not have straps and buckles like in tartan kilts. The only way to hold the great kilts is by wearing the leather belt around your waist. In this way, it holds great kilts. The pleating of a  great kilt is not very difficult as it did not need sewing machines and all work in done in only 10 minutes but you must pleat every time before wearing a great kilt.

How To Make A Scottish Great Kilt

Many people want to know how to make a Scottish great kilt. The method for making a Scottish great kilts would be the same whether for the Irish or Scottish great kilts. You must have a full piece of tartan cloth for making a perfect great kilts. The tartan length should not be below 60 inches to make a great kilt.

How Many Yards In A Great Kilt?

Now you don’t need 9 yards for making a great kilts. You need maximum 8 yards tartan cloth for a great kilts. If your waist is around 34 inches then 4-yard great kilts is enough for you because it is easily built the waist of up to 34 inches. If your waist is 44 inches than 6-yard tartan cloth is enough for you.

Above 44 inches than an 8-yard piece of tartan cloth is for you. These yard measurements are important when you order a great kilts or want to know how to make a Scottish great kilts. At kiltsshop, we have every yard tartan is available for our customers. We have all the sizes of a great kilts available for our customers. If you did not find the required yard in which you want a great kilts, then email us. Our makers will make that great kilts in that yard.


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