How To Make Kilts For Men?

Workman Utility Kilt Grey

Kilts are the best and most comfortable Scottish dress than other pants, trousers, and shots. Many gym trainers and bodybuilders want comfortable bottom wear for training, the kilts are best for them. It provides full freedom. The kilts help to increase the boost and immunity level of a man. Every man wants a kilt for daily use or for special events. There are many websites in which you will get a single kilt at more than 400$ price which is too expensive. We are here to teach you How To Make Kilts For Men?

Kilt making is fun. If you are new in this kilt-making field then you will never bored. It is the art to make a good quality kilt for men and it is not difficult as it looks but for making perfect kilts for men, you have to work honestly and with full dedication.

You must have all the necessary tools and materials for making a perfect kilt for men. We are going to discuss step by step approach How To Make Kilts For Men?

How To Make Kilts For Men?

The length and waist of the trouser, pant, or short are different than that of a kilt. So never measure pants or trousers for making of a kilt. Normally the kilt waist is 2-4 inches more than that of a pant.

The following important steps are necessary for the measurement of kilts.

  1. Waist Size Measurement
  2. Hip Size Measurement
  3. Kilt Length Measurement

1-  Waist Size Measurement

This is an important measurement. You must stand erect for the waist measurement. You should breathe normally for kilt measurements. Use a measuring tape to measure around your waist or belly button. Some Scottish dress lovers, wear the kilt at the hip. So, you must measure in that area where you want to wear the kilt. In that way, you will know your exact waist size.

2- Hip Size Measurement

It is also an essential measurement. Some people wear below the naval, so this measurement is important. You must measure the widest part of the hip for exact measurement.

3- Measure the Length Size

In this measurement, you must take help from your friend. Your friend can measure the length easily. As we have discussed above, some wear kilts at naval and some below this area, so measure the fastening point to drop length point which is normally at the knee but it is your choice. If your friend or family member is not there then you can use a mirror for kilt length measurement.

Tools Needed To Make Kilt For Men

The following tools are necessary for making kilts.

  1. Sewing Machine
  2. Iron
  3. Scissors
  4. Tailors Tape Measure
  5. Pins
  6. Fabric pencil or Chalk
  7. Fabric
  8. Matching Thread

Amount Of Material

For making a modern utility kilt for men, the fabric on the front apron or the front side of the kilt is 1/3 of the total waistline. In order to make a traditional tartan kilt, the 1/2 of the total waistline fabric is required for the front apron. For pleat measurement, we need the fabric of the total waistline divide by 3, then multiply by 8 and add an inch. The width of the pleated part will be the knee Length minus 2 inches.

Making the Pleated Portion

Making the pleated portion is fun art. Some go for 4 inches pleat but the standard portion is 2 inches. This makes a deep and beautiful look of a pleat. Cut the pleated portion of the kilt and folds 1/2 inch and sew a hem. Similarly folds 1/2 inch at the bottom and sew a hem. Once the edges are sewn, measure 1/3 of the waist and mark with the chalk or a pencil. In this way, the front apron is made. After pleating, you have to iron your pleats to give a beautiful look. Deep pleats of a kilt, enhance the look of a kilt.

Making Waist Band

For making a waistband, you need 1 inch longer fabric. folds 1/2 and hem all four sides of the fabric. Remember the best quality sewing machines and thread is necessary for beautiful stitching.

Making Of Belt Loops

If you are making a utility kilt then belt loops are essential for you. There are different designs and lengths of belt loops you can see in the kilt pictures. The standard length of a belt loop is 1nch and you can add many belt loops in a single kilt. Normally a utility kilt or a tartan utility kilt has 4 belt loops.

Making Of Pockets

For Utility kilts, there is a need for two utility pockets. A pocket must be deep enough to keep all goods. The buttons and studs have been attached to pockets.

Straps And Buckles

For fastening of a tartan kilt, leather strap, and the rust-free buckle is used. You must attach this stuff with the kilt. This stuff must be sewn perfectly.

Now you can know How To Make Kilts For Men?. Make beautiful kilts for your friends or family members.

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