How to Wear a Great Kilt?

How To Wear A Great Kilt

Brief History Of A Great Kilt

A Great Kilt is the oldest and ancient style of a kilt. The traditional great kilt is made from the tartan material. The full-length tartan cloth is required for making a great kilt. The unstitched tartan cloth is used for making an ancient great kilt. The traditional great kilt needs a fabric from 4 yard to 8yards which is around 54 to 60 inches wide. In the past, the great kilt worn by the people to cover the whole body from the winter. It was also used as a blanket. In the past, only highlanders wear this great kilt on the war. With the passage of time, the general public was using this great kilt.

How to Wear a Great Kilt?

This is traditional and ancient clothing but still, today’s people love this dress and looking to wear it at different events. We have all the tartan colors available in which we make great kilts for our customers. Our great kilt is popular all over the world. We are here to discuss this with you How to Wear a Great Kilt properly. Follow Step by Step guide helps in learning this art.

Part 1- Putting on the Great Kilt

Follow the necessary steps.

  1. You must put on the belt and lay down with the knees at the edge of the bed.
  2. Leave the belt and lay the kilt fabric on the bed.
  3. Now pleat the fabric, pleating is very easy and it takes a maximum of 10 minutes.
  4. Next, lay down with knees at the edge of the bed.
  5. Spread under the apron and smooth over your body at the right side then spread over the apron and smooth over the body at the left side.
  6. When you Stand up and the kilt will disappear under the pleat.

Part 2- Wearing the Great Kilt

Wearing a great kilt is very important and it must be understood by every kilt lover.

  1.  When you stand up the other part of the kilt lay down on the shoulder
  2. The great kilt is not fastening with straps and buckles as it is the unstitched piece of tartan cloth. You need a leather belt in order to fasten the great kilt.
  3. Don’t fasten too tight it may difficult in the breath.
  4. Look at the mirror, if you wear the great kilt perfectly then it is done

How to Fold a Great Kilt?

Now let’s get to the other part of this which is about folding a great kilt. The process is pretty simple and as follows;

  1. Lay off the Canvas cover on the bed.
  2. Now flip the tartan cloth over the head and lie down on the canvas cover and pleat the kilt carefully.
  3. Remove under and upper apron and then fold it.
  4. Now fold the tartan cloth at the edges carefully
  5. Fold the canvas cover over the kilt and roll the kilt tightly.
  6. Tie the kilt closed.


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