How to Wear a Kilt – Complete Guide

How To Wear A Kilt

How to Wear a Kilt?

How To Wear A Kilt? it is the question for every newbie who wanted to know this Scottish tradition and loves to wear traditional dresses. Wearing a kilt is no difficult task, just wrap a kilt on a body and that’s it but the story does not end here. A complete Scottish outfit is important for every kilt lover. Without other accessories of the kilt, you cannot become a true highlander. If you are here to know How To Wear A Kilt then you must also know what are the essential parts of a kilt. In other words in this article, we will be going to discuss each and everything in simple words, so you can easily understand the kilts.

Complete Kilt Wearing Guide

Follow the step by step instructions in order to know how to wear a Scottish tartan kilt.

Wearing A Kilt

If you want to wear a traditional tartan kilt, then the plain area of the kilt is on the front side which is also called an apron, and the area which has pleats on the backside of the body. Therefore, Wearing a kilt at the waist or where you want to fasten the kilt. To fasten a traditional tartan kilt, you can use leather straps and buckles. Now you are able to know How to Wear a Kilt?.

Kilt Jacket & Waistcoat

A kilt is incomplete without a waistcoat or a traditional Prince Charlie jacket. therefore you can wear a 3-5 buttons jacket or waistcoat with the traditional tartan kilt. It is the perfect outfit for weddings or special events.

Shirt and Tie

Ghillie shirts are the traditional Scottish shirts which you can wear with the kilt. It is a loose-fitting shirt that can be fastened with the laces. Furthermore, you can also wear formal t-shirts and shirts with the kilt. A tie can be worn with formal shirts.

Kilt Accessories

In conclusion, kilt accessories are also an essential part of the kilt. We have every accessory available for our customers.

  1. Sporran
  2. Fly Plaid
  3. Kilt Pin
  4. Flashes
  5. Hose
  6. Brogues
  7. Sgian Dubh


We have all kinds of Sporrans available for sale for our customers. Therefore, Our company has leather Sporrans, rabbit fur sporrans, sheep sporrans, horse hair sporrans, cotton, and tartan sporrans. However, We make high-quality Sporrans for our customers and these Sporrans wear at the apron on the tartan kilt.

Fly Plaid

Fly plaid enhances your personality in the crowd. It should match your tartan color.

Kilt Pin

Kilt Pin is used for decoration purposes. In addition, It is added to the tartan kilt.


Flashes are worn with the hose. It is also used for decoration purposes.


It is the full-length socks, unlike ordinary socks. However, It must be wear with shoes. The hose is also a compliment part of Scottish attire.


It is Scottish shoes which have long laces. However, these shoes are made with the original leather. A perfect Scottish outfit is incomplete without a Brogues.

Sgian Dubh

It is also used for decoration purposes. It is a small knife which represents Scottish culture.


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